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Nothing is more exciting than understanding yourself, your loved

ones and your world much better. And astrology has been tested

through thousands of years and is one of the best tools ever to

show you the Blue Print of your being.

Most of us have a much greater potential than we realize. We live lives much smaller than

what we are capable of and therefore we are dissatisfied or unhappy to some degree - or

we just KNOW that there is so much more to life that we are not expressing and

therefore keep looking for more and better.

Astrology helps you navigate the highs and the lows of your lie - and gives you an

understanding and an inner sense that even the "negative" events in life had some meaning.

Since astrology works, and I've personally tested it for over 25 years, there must be some

kind of plan, some intelligence behind life as we know it. 


Life is not random. We are not random victims of random events as much as we

sometimes like to think that way. Your potential was recorded at the moment of birth, the

good and the bad, so sorry - somehow certain events and conditions and traits were planned

for the start. You were NOT a random, innocent victim.

Understanding yourself, your partner, your children or your pet better greatly enriches your


Contact me and start to expand your awareness of yourself or your loved ones!



Strong Business Women

Most of my clients are women between 25 and 60 who are either successful career women or entrepreneurs with their own business. They have built a good life with partner, family and satisfying work. Now ... something else is calling to them. As one client said to me the other day: "I love my work - but it doesn't keep me up with excitement at night". She wanted something outside of our normal reality; she wanted to connect with "The Other World - the Unseen World".

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Personal Experience of the Venus Jupiter Conjunction

I didn't see it at first! I've been talking a lot about this conjunction and its symbolism with clients. I've been looking at it visually in the sky every evening and it was not until today - just as the conjunction is culminating - that I could SEE the personal implications in my own life.

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Venus Jupiter conjunction March 13, 2012

If you have looked up in the sky lately, you might have noticed the two brightest lights in the sky approaching each other. The brighter of the two, Venus, is catching up to Jupiter - and on March 13 the conjunction will be exact. Let us take a look at this in terms of Visual Astrology.

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How Does YOUR Mind Work?

How Does YOUR Mind Work?

Most people assume that we all have the same kind of mind and brain, therefore we should all be able to f.x. meditate in a certain way, process information in the same way as somebody else, or apply the same kind of technique that works for somebody else. Many experts in various fields claim that "if I can do it, you can, too".

Nothing could be further from the truth! The way the mind works is highly individual and you only have to take a look at where Mercury is in your chart to get important insights into how your mind works.

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